Why Upcoming Artists Should Avoid Hiring A Manager
Written by Yassine on Mar. 23rd 2019
One of the first things up and coming artists want to do is get a manager; you might think you need one to be successful or that all successful artists have a manager and that may be true, however you should delay that as long as possible until you actually need a manager.
The truth is, if you’re not making at least six figures off of your music career on your own then you definitely don’t need a manager and most manager’s that are willing to manage a random and unknown artist will take a huge portion of your business. If a manager is taking anywhere from 10-30% of EVERYTHING you make, you are going to be losing a lot of money. 

It might not seem like much now because you are probably not making much but take these quotes from Felix Dennis; founder of Maxim magazine and microwarehouse.

"To become rich, you must be an owner, and you must try to own it all. You must strive with every fiber of your being, while recognizing the idiocy of your behavior, to own and retain control of as near to 100% of any company as you can."

"Never never never hand over a single share of anything you've created or acquired, if you can help it. Nothing. Not one share, to no one, no matter what the reason, unless you genuinely have to."

Let’s say that you start earning $100,000 a year; you have to give $20,000 to that manager, regardless of whether or not he even contributed to that (which many managers don’t). Then there’s taxes and a bunch of other fees you have to take care of. Your career is your company, you shouldn’t hand out shares when you don’t have to. Managers should only be paid based on the amount of value that they bring; if they were responsible for getting you a certain sponsorship or deal like Chris Lighty did for 50 Cent’s Vitamin Water then of course they deserve their percentage. But to get a cut of something that they had absolutely nothing to do with is ridiculous but this is how things are.
The best option you have is to keep things in your own hands as long as possible because the earlier a manager is willing to take on an artist, the higher rate they’re going to want from you. Rapper Pouya had established himself with a multi-six figure music career without a manager, label, or booking agency, and there’s no reason you can’t do the same.
Managers have their place, and as your career grows they will become important and even necessary, but most upcoming artists think that a manager alone is going to be the reason they become successful which is wrong. The only person that can make your career take off is you and your fans. 

You have to really ask yourself if you’re willing to give such a massive portion of your business to someone, as you scale they’re only going to be taking more and more money, and at a certain point it’s no longer proportional to the value they are providing.


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